Hartington-Newcastle Public School

The Hartington-Newcastle Public Schools (HNPS) is a Pre-K-12 North Central Accredited (NCA) class III school with approximately 350 students. The NCA designation indicated that HNPS is a student-centered school that is willing to be held to a higher standard than what the state of Nebraska requires for school.  With approximately 39 teachers including art, music, and counselors, HNPS has a teacher to student ratio of 1:9. For more information, call the school office at (402) 254-3947.

Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Elementary School is an accredited elementary school home to grades K-6.  Holy Trinity has an enrollment of 188 students and a staff of 14.

Cedar Catholic

Cedar Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School is an AdvancED and state accredited high school within the Archdiocese of Omaha located in Hartington, educating approximately 180 students in grades 7 through 12. Cedar Catholic High School was originally incorporated in the fall of 1963 as a consolidated high school supported by ten founding parishes to provide a Catholic faith-based education for students in Cedar County. Although the class of 1964 was Cedar Catholic’s first graduating class, the roots of Cedar Catholic can be traced back to 1901 with the establishment of Holy Trinity School in Hartington. Cedar Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School continues to serve students of Cedar Catholic today and is supported by four parishes: All Saints Parish of northwest Cedar County, Holy Family Parish of northeast Cedar County, Holy Trinity Parish of Hartington, and St. Michael Parish of Coleridge. Cedar Catholic Junior-Senior High School is a Christ-centered, future-oriented educational facility that always seeks to evolve and grow. The school strives to meet the spiritual needs of the students, thus forming servant leaders who enrich society. The mission of Cedar Catholic High School is “Empowered by our Catholic faith and the Holy Spirit, Cedar Catholic develops disciples, scholars, and leaders for the future.” Call the school office at (402) 254-3906.


Holy Trinity Preschool offers two program levels: Junior Kindergarten and Preschool. Our Junior Kindergarten is a five-day afternoon program intended to prepare children for entry into kindergarten the following year. Our Preschool program is a three-day morning program intended to introduce children to learning in a classroom setting.

Kidz Korner provides five-day morning preschool program for children 3-6 years. For more information, contact (402) 254-2234.

Higher Education Opportunities

The University of Nebraska has a Cooperative Extension Office located in Hartington staffed by two full-time extension educators. The office in Hartington has internet access and a classroom equipped with a satellite system. For more information, contact (402) 254-6821.

Northeast Community College Regional Office is located at 107 West State Street. 

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